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Who Do You Cry To?

When things are falling apart, who do you cry to?

I was finishing a Netflix documentary today that followed a young woman who was trying to help fix the repercussions of her prior decisions and employment. Unfortunately for her, these decisions had large scale ramifications. Her efforts to fix these decisoins put her in an international spotlight.

During the documentary, you see how she lost a lot of friends during her bad decisions. You also see that while trying to fix her bad decisions, she then lost her new friends as well. While it was great to see her work to fix her mistakes, under intense scrutiny, it was hard not to see the sadness and isolation she had to be feeling.

Now I know some of this is clever cinematography, but I couldn’t help but feel compassion for this woman and think: Who does she cry to? Initially it was a literal question of what person does she have in her life to cry to. However, I then thought, I can’t imagine going through something so deep and public and isolating without Jesus.

Even with an amazing spouse or great friends, NOBODY can bring you peace like Jesus. I watched thinking, I can’t imagine this pressure and not having the true release of crying to Jesus and pouring it ALL out to Him. He is the only one who can take all our sorrow, anxiety, doubt, loneliness, and pain and give you true peace.

Most of us won’t have to fix our mistakes in public or have our pain broadcast to the world. However, even in our own private life we need to check who we are crying to. Are you crying to food, music, work, or friends instead of Jesus.

There is NOTHING that can give you true peace in a storm, or any time, but Jesus.

So I ask again; Who do you cry to?

Lord willing, I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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  1. Kay Moore Kay Moore

    Jesus is the best confidante and comforter.

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