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Good things come to those who wait
So be patient, be patient
Cause I tried, it won’t fail
Trust His love is right here
So be patient, be patient
He’s right here

Jered Sanders – Hurry Up & Wait/Mitchell & Blessed III

I mentioned during my recommendation of Jered Sanders’ album Hurry Up & Wait that the title track really spoke to me. I’d planned on talking about something else this Sunday, but as God has a habit of doing, He changed what was on deck. So let me just let Jered’s track preach to you as it did to me. As the track says, sometimes you just have to wait and trust in Him and believe He will do what He says if we do what He says.

Wondering if it’s my fault or a test of the faith
And even if it all give me the shakes dog
Still a blessing I’m still a dreamer
Still a daddy still a lesson
I’m still training them up until the track shake
Still claiming another stack plus for the tax break
So if I sell a million records or a couple K
I just hope when you hear it I had enough to say
And I’m hope it was a lesson for the faith
God gotcha when you get up out the way
Now Hurry Up & Wait

Jered Sanders – Hurry Up & Wait/Mitchell & Blessed III

When things went upside down for me, unlike Jered, it wasn’t out of nowhere. However, as time goes on and no offers are coming in, you begin to wonder did I do something or is this a test of faith. As you pray, He will show you, and during this season of life it was a test of faith for me. He continuously kept reminding me to trust Him, to do things His way. As I prayed and read the Word, I was constantly reminded who I am in Him, what He’s put in my life and in my heart, and WHO’s I am. Whatever happens, wait on Him. As expected, the job came was through His path, not mine or anyone else.

Now anytime you come up with your own solution
But it is not in submission to God’s strategy
It will become your sabotage
…I’m helping somebody right now
Who is about to handle something the wrong way
And your heart is really in the right place
But you are going about it the wrong way.

This dude that was in the church
…He said this great line to me
He said um you’re a driven person that’s good.
You’ve got ambition that’s good.
You’re not sitting around passively waiting on God
And actually procrastinating or blaming it on God,
That’s good. But there will come times in your life
Where God calls you to wait” and he said this,
…He said “the only thing harder than waiting on God
Is wishing that you had”

Steven Furtick (Hurry Up & Wait/Mitchell & Blessed III)

The way God came through at the end of my/our test was amazing (I say our because when you are married, your test is a part of your spouses test). After He brought us through we realized His plan was sooo much better than what we were asking/thinking. Wait on Him… His plan is ALWAYS better than yours.

Steady looking at the drama as the world turns
Be a pillar for my babies and my wife dog
Faith ain’t believing in God its just believing Him

Jered Sanders – Hurry Up & Wait/Mitchell & Blessed III

The biggest thing I learned from my most recent Hurry Up & Wait moment was you can’t just believe in God, you have to believe what He says. Believe what He says about you, and especially about what He says about Himself. There is no greater place for you and your family to be in a storm than next to Jesus. Know who He is and trust that when it’s time, HE will calm the storm and get you to shore.

To God be the glory,

In Jesus name…

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  1. Kay Moore Kay Moore

    Amen to your testimony 🙏🏾

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