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I’m not a very formal person, so tradition isn’t something I’m overly fond of. However the Lord has been emphasizing some traditions lately that bring Him glory.


I did not grow up with Lent. I honestly don’t really remember hearing about Lent until going to a Catholic high school. It is not expressly written of in the Bible but has become a tradition for so many believers. The first time I can remember participating in Lent was in college. I sacrificed all music for lent. It was probably the most difficult sacrifice/fast I’d ever done. Actually I think it was probably the first time I’d ever fasted or sacrificed anything. At the time, music was HUGE for me. I didn’t realize until this fast how much I’d elevated music to an idol in my life. God has consistently used this tradition to reveal Himself to me and reveal myself to me.

The thing that has really become consistent is that I never really think about Lent. I don’t have it on a calendar or particularly look forward to it. However, every year God wants me to sacrifice something, He ALWAYS gets my attention right near the beginning of Lent. I’m usually thinking, ok, I guess God has something He wants me to do.

While I don’t know if God will call me to do something every year, He has definitely made this more of a tradition for me.

Holy Week

Holy Week is something I grew up with but I don’t remember it being branded “Holy Week” growing up. Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter are the terms I grew up with and are still used. I was actually reminded of Holy Week this morning during my devotional. I started using an app called Through The Word and it mentioned they had a special devotional for Holy Week starting Sunday. It was actually through this notice that I realized I pay very little attention to tradition.

I’d recently listened to an episode of Renew Your Mind that was highlighting how the tradition of the passover is to continually remind Isreal of God and His provision and salvation. The Lord’s Supper and Resurrection Sunday/Easter is the Christian version of this. Actually, The Lord’s Supper/Communion is the only official tradition that Jesus gives us.

Tradition, from the Lord, is always to draw us closer to Him and give Him praise. I have come to realize I thought tradition was bad. The Lord has reminded me through these two examples that He uses tradition.

I don’t know what the Lord has in store for this year’s tradition, but I know that He will draw me closer to Him and bring Him glory.

To God be the Glory and Lord willing I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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