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The Inspection: Holy Week Day 3

Jesus, as the Lamb of God, was inspected leading up to Passover, just like the lamb used in the temple.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I’ve been looking at how each book relays the events of Holy Week. Each book has basically the same core events of Holy Week, but each highlights different events around that core.

In Day 3 of Holy Week, the inspection of Jesus begins. During that time, the pharisees would be inspecting the lamb planned for sacrifice on Passover. Only a perfect unblemished lamb would do. The same thing was happening to Jesus, even if the pharisees didn’t realize that’s what they were doing.

For Day 3, all except John have basically the same 3 inspection questions/interactions. Jesus is asked where His authority comes from, If they should pay taxes to Ceasar, and if there is a resurrection. Also, Jesus gives two parables of the vine-growers and His question on whether the Messiah is David’s son or not. These are the questions and parables that are mostly in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

What’s really interesting about Jesus’ answers is how perfect they are. The answers are so perfect that the pharisees and the sadducees both acknowledge them as such. Jesus answers the authority question with a question that puts them in a no-win situation. He answers the tax question in a way that they can’t argue with AND adding a new teaching on God. Finally He answers the logic question from the sadducees with “there is no marriage”. I can only imagine how shocked they were at this response. His answer was so unexpected and original. Each of the groups said they didn’t want to ask Jesus any more questions after His responses.

Jesus had passed His inspection. He is the unblemished perfect Lamb of God.

I am really enjoying all the things the Lord is showing me through the devotion and this deeper dive into the events and teachings during Holy Week.

I didn’t get a chance to share what I learned with my kids today, but I’m excited to tell them, Lord willing, tomorrow.

Hopefully I’ll see y’all too.

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  1. David Moore David Moore

    Bry I love the insight…and i will share your link with the church through the rest of the week…

    I especially like the note about share this with the kids…

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