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The Gospel Accounts – Holy Week Day 2

The books of the Gospel all tell one story from 4 different angles. I’ve known this for a while, but those different angles have never come into such focus for me as they have this week.

I mentioned previously, that I’m going through a Holy Week devotional from the ministry Through The Word. The devotional highlights that a third of the Gospel books are dedicated to Holy Week. The other thing that stood out is how the different angles of the story can have significant additional details the others don’t.

One of the smaller bits of added detail is between the book of Matthew and Mark. In Matthew 21, the triumphal entrance is immediately followed by the clearing of the temple. However in Mark 11 it says that the clearing of the temple happens the next day. Now that’s no major theological difference at all, but it adds more flavor, more context, and gives a fuller picture of what was happening. I LOVED learning this. It helps the scene come alive in an even more vivid way for me.

Another example of these extra bits of flavor, context, and filling in the picture, is the difference between Mark 11 and Luke 19’s telling of the next day. In Mark it just says that Jesus went up to Jerusalem and cursed the fig tree. In Luke, Jesus approaches Jerusalem, but doesn’t mention the fig tree. He does however give us a whole speech by Jesus of His heart breaking for Jerusalem. Jesus says that He wishes they’d followed God and knew their day for peace had come. Since they didn’t, peace has been hidden from them and Jerusalem will be destroyed. Theologically, nothing has changed, but we are able to see more of Jesus’ heart. We are also able to get a more complete image of all that went on during this time.

There are other examples of the added context that you get when reading all the Gospels, but I wanted to highlight a few.

I am really enjoying going through this years Holy Week. The Lord has given me an excitement I don’t think I’ve had before. The excitement isn’t just for HIs Glory in HIs resurrection, but learning more about Him. Sharing this week and the things I’m learning with my family adds another level of excitement. Along with adding in the traditions we will share as a family.

All of this has been in the Word all along. I thank the Lord for opening my eyes to see it and my heart to share it.

I hope you were blessed, and will read these things for yourself. Lord willing, I’ll share more of my journey through Holy Week tomorrow.

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