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Thank You Jesus

I kept thinking what do I want to write about today and the only thing that I kept thinking was; Thank You Jesus.

There are soooo many things to thank Him for. Jesus has saved me from eternal damnation and separation from God and His love. Some people debate if there is a literal hell, but I think that misses the point. Flames or not, any life without God and His love would be hell. As the Word says, anything that is good comes from God.

Thank you Jesus for my family. I love Chantal. As I’ve already written, she is an amazing woman. I love our kids. I am not perfect, and neither is our family, but God has blessed us to have a loving home with great kids. Thank You for protecting our little clan and allowing us to grow closer and stronger.

What is man that you think of him,

and a son of man, that You are concerned about him?

Psalms 8:4 NASB2020

Thank you Jesus for being God, yet caring about me. This passage has really been on my heart lately. Who am I, or any of us, that God, The Creator of the Universe, The Alpha and the Omega, The Thrice Holy One, The Uncreated One would care about me?! I am less that a spec of sand in the annuls of time, yet He cares about ME! He loves ME. God became flesh, lived, was tortured, became a curse, died, and rose again to save ME! I am a sinner who deserves death and hell, but yet He cares and loves me enough to go through all that!

I am humbled and unworthy to know Him, yet He has elected that I do. All Glory, Honor, and Praise be to our God.

Thank you Jesus

Send me Lord, and Lord willing, I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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  1. Kay Moore Kay Moore

    Amen!! We need to remember what He has done for us.

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