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Take Two – Action!

And we are back!

After a longer than anticipated hiatus, Simple Victory is back. As the title suggests, we are taking a different focus for this take of content.

After prayer, research, and conversations, I believe we have in place the right direction for this new season. We are going to focus on how God is moving in movies, tv, and video content.

We will have a group of writers this season discussing themes in different movies, and recommending movies from your favorite streaming services. Also, we will discuss the many other ways the Lord is speaking to us through the multitude of video options available; Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Initially we will have a similar cadence to last season, with posts on wednesday and sunday. The plan is to expand to another day a week during this season, and those plans are in motion.

Lastly, we will continue to write about all types of ways the Lord is moving through the arts as well. We will continue to discuss the latest albums that we recommend, speak on upcoming dance events, and anything else the Lord puts in front of us.

Thanks for your patience during the extended intermission, but we are excited to be back.

Lord We pray you are glorified in all the content in this next season.

To Your glory

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  1. Kay Moore Kay Moore

    Glad that you are back. Praise the Lord

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