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Serving Your Kids

I was reminded today that my job is to love, lead, and serve my kids.

One of my kids restarted an activity today for the first time in 2 years. There was basically a year gap from our move from New Jersey. The second year gap was due to the pandemic. Now that things are heading in a good direction, activities are pretty much back in full.

Well, my child was very excited to get back and had been loving going to practice over the last month or so. The game, so to speak, was finally today. I’d put all these expectations on what would happen. I’d told myself that it’s been two years so keep your expectations low.

After the event and the fact that things didn’t go well, I really had a decision to make. Was I going to let my frustration effect how I loved my child or try to be there for them regardless of what happened.

To be honest, I probably landed somewhere between the two ends. I couldn’t totally cover my frustration, but I did make a point to not dump my frustration on them. I asked questions about how they felt and they seemed to have a positive attitude.

I’m not always the best at serving my kids, but today was a reminder that sometimes loving them is just being there. Serving them is just letting them enjoy something, even if I don’t.

I really have a problem with the outcome of the event, but it’s not about me. I love these kids.

This was an unexpected topic, but I should be back with another music recommendation tomorrow, Lord willing.


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  2. David Moore David Moore

    I get it Bry… this was beautifully said… Keep up the good Daddy work…

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