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Satellite Kite – Beautiful Eulogy

Humble Beast is one of the best labels in christian music and Beautiful Eulogy’s first album Satellite Kite is their best.

Beautiful Eulogy is made up of the founders of Humble Beast. The group members are Odd Thomas, Braille, and Courtland Urbano. Each of the members had multiple solo projects before creating the group. I actually heard Braille’s music while in college. He was one of the first Christian Hip Hop (CHH) artists I’d ever heard of. Odd Thomas is one of the first CHH artists I found when I reconnected with the genre. He is actually one of my favorite rappers with some of my all time favorite verses. Courtland Urbano is the producer and has set a very unique sound for the group. There is no other group that sounds like Beautiful Eulogy.

One thing that I noticed with the production is that it has an almost liturgical feel to it. While clearly hip hop beats, the production has a reverent tone to it. I can’t really describe it, but when you hear it, I think you’ll agree. Beautiful Eulogy’s later albums will make the liturgical-ness of the production more pronounced but it starts here.

The lyricism and flow from Braille and Odd Thomas are world class. Their many years as rappers show on this album. Their verses are so concise. Each gets one verse per track and they fill them with amazing faith, wisdom, and knowledge. This is a masterclass in rapping.

I consider this album a classic. It is a CHH album, but I consider it a hip hop classic album, period, no qualifier. One way I believe you can tell if an album is classic is how it ages, and this album only gets better with age. The uniqueness of the production only stands out more as time goes by. The beauty and artistry is only exaggerated as it becomes more rare. This is an album from skilled workman honoring the Lord with their gifts. A tribute to how it honors the Lord is that it is one of the few hip hop albums that draws you into worship.

The top 5 tracks are:

  1. Satellite Kite – The Gospel, plain and simple. To God be the glory.
  2. Take It Easy – Who do you love and how do you love? Are you honoring God with how you love?
  3. Entitlement – We think we have earned and deserve so much that we don’t deserve and didn’t earn.
  4. Wonderful – A track to the Glory and Awe of the God we serve.
  5. Beautiful Eulogy – The beauty of God’s love.

There are no bad tracks on this album. I’m listening to this album as I type and it glorifies our God so much. This is Worship Hop. To God be the glory.

Please listen to this album. It is on all streaming platforms. You will be blessed.

God bless, and Lord willing, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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