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Simple Victory Playlist: Run to Win

Welcome to Simple Victory’s curated playlist Run to Win.

Just as this site was created to help us run this race to win, this playlist of good music that honors Jesus is a major part of how we can stay close to the Lord and honor Him in our daily lives.

The plan is to update this playlist on a consistent basis.  What exactly that cadence is, has yet to be determined.  That said, we are very excited to present the music in this playlist to uplift, to praise, to strengthen, and to give God the glory.

The playlist will be created and updated by individual curators.  The post Run to Win #1: Addicted to the Ride, and future posts, will be here to understand the curator’s thoughts behind their track choices and to chronicle each update to save a particular playlist iteration.

We hope you enjoy the playlist.

Let’s Run to Win

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