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Run to Win #2: The Journey

The Run to Win playlist is FINALLY getting an update.!

The latest update to our site playlist is a collection of tracks that were instrumental in the journey to create this site. The tracks are roughly in order of when they came into my life and all of the tracks are good music honoring the Lord.

Below is the list of tracks, along with some insight to pivotal moments in my journey that they correspond to.

Fly (feat. Lightheaded)Othello – Alive at the Assembly Line

As I mentioned this track is basically the beginning of my journey in the arts that honor Jesus. I heard this randomly on a Pandora station and the rest is history. Note: Spotify doesn’t have this album anymore, but Apple Music does.

Dig Propaganda & Odd Thomas – Selected Songs (Art Ambidextrous)

This track was a part of the original idea for what became this site. Dig was my mantra to get a site off the ground.

Jo Jo Dancer – Theory Hazit – Thr3e

This track is one of my favorite tracks. This was the track I played when I wanted people to know how great the quality of christian music could be. Production is classic hip hop, flow ridiculous, and lyrics for days. Love it!

Rebel Intro – Lecrae – Rebel

I was introduced to Reach Records and Lecrae early on. As you’ll see, Reach was a large part of the middle years of my journey. This track really struck me with its declaration that following Christ is the new rebel, just like Jesus was. Let’s rebel.

Gotta Know (feat. Benjah) – Lecrae – Rehab

26’s (feat. Lecrae) – Tedashii – Identity Crisis

I just loved the chorus to this and it’s statement about culture. “26 inches is a pretty low throne.”

He Lives (feat. Flame & Jai) – Tedashii – Blacklight

Falling Down (feat. Swoope & Trip Lee) – Lecrae – Gravity

This track and album was the first time I started hearing the mainstream mention christian artists. People started to be interested in if there were other good artists that were honoring the Lord.

Covet – Beautiful Eulogy – Satellite Kite

Covet is instrumental in that it introduced me to Humble Beast Records. This label is one of the best, on every level. Their mission honors the Lord with great art. This album is one of the few I consider a classic in christian hip hop (chh).

Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re My Only Hope. – JGivens – El v. Envy

Vanish (feat. Swoope) – Christon Gray – School of Roses

This track came at a pivotal point in my life, my walk, and my marriage. God used this song to help save my marriage and family. Soon after this song came into my life, God confirmed the calling of this website.

Brand New Day (feat. Othello, Consafos & DJ Aslan) – Sivion – Butterfly Session

‘Murica (Shut Up & Rap) – Jered Sanders – Daylight Savings Time

This track came out during the first real push to create this site. The first collaborator on this site and I started brainstorming during this time. A simple track that’s just Jared spittin’ BARS!

Summer 17 Medley – Ruslan – Indie Jones

Rain On Me – Jered Sanders – Hurry Up & Wait

This was the track I jammed constantly during a big transition last year. During the conclusion of the transition God really started pointing me to take up this call again. Just as the Lord has never given up on me, “would I give up on God, No Way!”. Finally the site is moving forward. Praise the Lord!

Run to Win #2 . Enjoy

See the original tracklist and writeup for the playlist HERE

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