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Run to Win: Episode 2 – Christian Movies?!

Run to Win
Run to Win: Episode 2 - Christian Movies?!

And we are FINALLY back! After a far longer gap then planned, we are back with episode two.

In this episode we discuss:

Our thoughts on episode 1

Introduce our look into christian movies and discuss our recommendation system

Our thoughts and recommendations for The Cokeville Miracle

Current events

We are very excited to have episode 2 finally complete. If you’d like more information about christian movies, check out our previous article on christian movies and the top 10 christian movies on amazon prime.

Thanks for running with us.

God bless


  1. Kay Moore Kay Moore

    Enjoyed the second session. Movie highlighted is a good movie with a great story.

    • Simple Victory Simple Victory

      We agree! We’ll have more thoughts on the remaining movies in our list soon.

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