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Hazakim: Origins – Album Review

One of the things I love about Hazakim, is that they are unapologetically theological hip hop, or as they put it, Hip Hop-agetics. You’re going to learn something today!

Origins, is Hazakim’s first album since 2014’s Son of Man, and their third full length album.

Origins is all about our origins as humans, and how our physiology is one of the biggest showcases of God’s design. Origins specifically discusses how our eyes, ears, heart, mind, etc. are so intricate that even science has begun to support what we already believe.

Origins is also a step forward in Hazakim’s lyricism and flow. The brothers have grown in their craft.. A testament to their ability is the fact that the tracks are entertaining, but also dense thematically and lyrically.

Lastly, I’m a big fan of the production on this album. It leans toward the boom-bap style instead of the current trends. In particular, this style of production really allows great lyricism to shine through. Great boom-bap forms a symbiosis with the lyrics/flow that allow both to shine simultaneously. Love it.

There are 3 tracks that really stand out to show the quality of this album.

“You Know It” is a track discussing the mind. Mike and Tony discuss how the mind, while amazing, is not the soul, but is the command center between our soul and our body. The beat is perfectly old school boom-bap that highlights the great insights about the brain. My favorite track of the album.

“Millennium” … there is so much to this track. Basically Tony gives us a theological discussion of creation and a theory on when the millennial reign of Jesus will begin. Not only is it a fascinating topic, but as previously mentioned, the production really shines, while still letting the lyrics take the front seat. You’ll be listening to this one many times just to take it all in.

“Think About it” is a fun track with a great sample. Initially it’s about how our body just works. We don’t have to conscientiously make our heart beat or have our mind process all the information our body is sending it. He also discusses that we are God’s fallen creation but He still showed us love, grace, and salvation.

I highly recommend this album. Not only will you come away entertained, but you’ll know more about the miracle of God’s creation.

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