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Lyrical Theology Pt 2: Doxology – Shai Linne

To continue the trend from the last couple of posts, Lyrical Theology Pt 2: Doxology is another worship album with a twist.

One of the great things going on in Christian music is that there is a lot of creativity in worship music. There are even churches where hip hop and R&B are the genres of worship. Shai’s album is a great example of that new trend.

Shai, like the guys in Beautiful Eulogy, is a pastor. This potentially explains why worship and praise and sound theological teaching are a part of their albums. I’m not sure if he uses his music as directly part of his pastoral work but his heart for teaching shines through.

I didn’t know this was a worship album when I first found it. However, after a few listens, I began listening to this on the way to church. The album was a great fun way to bring us into worship. We listened so much that my kids began to sing and rap along.

Most tracks on the album are good but these are my five favorite.

Top 6 Favorite Tracks

  1. Worship God – Arguably the best track on the album
  2. Be Glorified – Glory to our God: Doxology
  3. You Alone are God – This is probably my favorite track
  4. Our Treasure – Just a beautiful song about the gift of Jesus and salvation through Him
  5. To the Praise of His Grace – A beautiful recitation of the Gospel
  6. Light and Heat – Great spoken word piece on seeking God

One of the great things about this album is the diversity of genres used to worship the Lord. There is spoken word, r&b, hip hop, and country. THIS is how I wish people saw praise and worship. It isn’t a genre, it is a heart position. There is no one way to give God the glory. There is no one way to let Him know of our thanks.

As usual, Lyrical Theology Pt 2: Doxology is on all major streaming services.

Praising God, worshiping Him, and giving Him glory is not limited to one genre or style of music. Satellite Kite is a worship album. The White Album [Remix Project] is a praise and worship album. Lyrical Theology Pt 2: Doxology is a worship album. Just as you can’t put our God in a box, don’t put how we can glorify, worship or praise Him in one either.

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.

To God be the Glory and Lord willing, I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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