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Keep it Simple

Today I felt led to discuss the simple in Simple Victory.

Over the short life of the site, I’ve tried to look for themes and big topics for my posts. This is especially true for Sunday posts. However, the Lord has reminded me that walking with Him isn’t all about big ideas and major themes. So today I want to just remind myself and you to keep it simple.

The simple in simple victory is from the idea that we tend to overly complicate our walk/faith. I mean that in the sense that there is a list of things we are supposed to do and not do. We have to keep these deep theological things at the forefront of our mind. Lastly, we put all this pressure on ourselves to be a certain way as “Christians”.

While I mean what I just wrote, don’t think I’m against those things. The problem is that we put those over and above the simple truth’s of following Jesus.

The simple truths of following Jesus is that He is who He says He is, the Son of God. God made flesh. We need to accept Him as our Lord and savior, and follow His teachings/example. We need to accept His salvation/forgiveness as grace and not because we earned it, or could ever earn it. Lastly we need to love each other as He has loved us. THAT’S the simple in simple victory.

There is so much depth in all those statements and amazing scripture and teachings behind it all. I highly encourage you to read the scriptures and grow in your faith and walk with Jesus. As you grow, don’t forget the simple truths that are the foundation of it all.

When I’m confused on a direction to go spiritually, the Lord always leads me back to one of thes foundational truths of following Jesus.

So this Sunday, I encourage you to think about what extra baggage, even good things, that are keeping you from remembering and acting upon the simple foundational truths of following Jesus.

Even as we grow deeper in faith, discernment, understanding, etc., let us never forget to keep it simple. When we do that He will always get the victory.

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  1. Kay Moore Kay Moore

    Thank you for bringing us back to the simple truth of our faith inJesus Christ. The faith and simplicity of a child.

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