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Inspiration – Pt 2: the arts, in Jesus name

In Inspiration Pt 1, I discussed how learning of good music honoring the Lord changed my life and helped me realize that most others don’t know about this music either.  The second part of the inspiration for this site came from the discovery of high quality dance that honors the Lord.

I was attending my father’s church in Houston when Daniel and Randy first visited.   Ever intrigued by newcomers, I spent some time talking with them and learned that they were a part of a Christian organization called Ad Deum Dance Company.  The idea of highly trained professional dancers working with and for Christian dance companies blew my mind.  Previous to this encounter, my only experience with dance and the Lord was through various church inspiration dance groups.  Needless to say, I had a lot of questions.  Over the next year or two I got to know them and learned more about dance at a high level for the Lord.

The reason this was part of the inspiration for the site was that my wife and I were, and still are, the type to go to a symphony, opera, or dance performance, and had NEVER heard of professional quality dance for the Lord.  If we, who are interested these mediums, weren’t aware of the existence of Ad Deum and other companies, other believers interested in the arts were likely also unaware.

I am very happy to have our first interview be with one of the men who opened my eyes to the the arts in Jesus name.



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