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Inspiration – Pt 1: Jesus, drop the beat!

This site is a culmination of a long journey.  Myself, and others have been working toward this site in some form since 2014.  There have been many starts and stops but getting this up and running is the beginning, Lord willing, of a bigger vision I feel the Lord has given me.

All that said, this is the first half of two things the Lord impressed upon me that led to this site, quality Christ honoring music.  First, He showed me that quality Christ honoring music was out there.  Second, He showed me that I can’t honor Him and keep consistently listening to music and entertainment that doesn’t honor Him.  Lastly, He showed how, without me realizing it, all that music and entertainment was preaching to me, and I was believing and seeking the lessons of those ‘sermons’.  

3-Minute Sermons is the first thing I ever wrote in preparation for this site.  I pray it speaks to you as His revelation of it spoke to me, and changed my life.

In Jesus name,



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