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New Artist: Evvie McKinney

Evvie McKinney is the latest artist to demonstrate the future of gospel music will be bright.

This site was founded on the idea of finding people making great art for the Lord or that honors the Lord. Music, in particular, is a big part of my faith journey, and finding great artist honoring the Lord is a passion of mine. Evvie McKinney, I believe, will be one of those artists.

Evvie currently has a limited catalog. However, that catalog already shows she has the voice and the production team behind her to make great music. She is already signed to Motown and made a name for herself while winning the talent show, The Four.

For me there are two tracks that show her potential. I have already been playing them nonstop and they have blessed my soul.

Just Like God

The first track I heard from Evvie was ‘Just Like God’. I actually heard it on my weekly Spotify playlist. Usually there isn’t much traditional gospel that I like, but this was traditional but with a little extra flavor. Her vocals were great and the production was traditional but still modern. A line in the chorus is particularly poignant;

The world is changing, but Your love holds me steady

And I’m thinking ain’t that just like God?

Whoah, ain’t that just like God?

Just Like God

I love those lines. I have a saying, “That’s how He do.” When God shows up, you just might hear me bust out my phrase. These lines reminded me of how I react!

Look No Further

This is the second track I heard from Evvie. For me this doesn’t have the energy or pop of ‘Just Like God’ and is a little more traditional, but wow, the vocals and message.

He’s the place where you’ll find your rest

He’s the love that has no end

See the nail scars in His hands

No one else can do what He can

Look No Further

These lyrics are from the final verse and are followed by the chorus that says “Look no further than Jesus”. This is more of a rousing ballad style of track and Evvie is just amazing on it.

I am a fan! Evvie drops her first album this Friday, February 26th. The new album is called This is Evvie McKinney. Please check out Evvie on your streaming platform of choice and also consider actually purchasing her album to support her more directly.

I can’t wait to hear the album, and hope it adds more amazing music to her catalog, and most importantly, continues to honor the Lord.

God bless, and Lord willing, see y’all tomorrow!

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  1. Kay Moore Kay Moore

    Thank you for introducing. Listened to her music and I agree. Looking forward to her album.

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