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Christian Movies… Is That a Thing?!

As I’ve previously mentioned, we will be focusing on how God is using the movies to speak to the world. If you are like me, you didn’t know christian movies was a ‘thing’, but I assure you, they are.

As I prepared for this season, I started looking into christian movies; trying to find them on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc. What I found was that christian movies fall into two categories, usually. Either they are period pieces reenacting Bible stories, or modern day stories about modern life. We will be focusing on the latter.

While I didn’t know that christian movies were a ‘thing’ until recently, I’m glad that they are. As with so many things, the Church has let this art form go and was not using it meaningfully to touch lives. The christian movie industry is a relatively small industry but seeming growing fast.

Over the course of this season we will be highlighting some of the biggest christian movies that are currently available, specifically on streaming services. At the conclusion of the season, we will compile a list of the best christian movies on each streaming platform.

So, how will we be discussing these movies? We will be focusing mainly on story, themes, how it speaks to Bible teachings, and our rating. If a movie is truly not a good movie, we won’t cover it.

Speaking of ratings, we have created a simple easy to understand ratings system. We have three different ratings we’ll be giving movies. Ok is our first rating and means we are 50/50 on if you should watch the movie. Good is our second rating which means we think it is a solid movie from the objective and subjective merits of the movie. We think you should check out a Good movie. Finally, Great is exactly as it sounds, great. We highly recommend that you check out the movie, and tell anyone else you know about it too.

We will begin looking at movies next week with Let There Be Light.

Christian movies are a ‘thing’ and I’m very excited to see the state of this ‘new to me’ genre. Join us next week as the journey begins…

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