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Audible Theology: The Podcast Edition

While listening to the Bible doesn’t work for me I do listen to a number of podcasts that feed my soul. Here are some of my favorite podcasts for staying in fellowship with the Lord and growing in Him.

Renewing Your Mind with RC Sproul

I’ve talked about this podcast before. I call it seminary by podcast. RC Sproul was a leader in reformed theology and this podcast is largely made up of his seminary lectures and other teachings. I’ve grown significantly in my understanding for God, the Word, and christian history through this podcast. Can’t recommend this highly enough.

5 Minutes in Church History

This podcast is from the same ministry, Ligonier Ministries, as Renewing Your Mind. As the title suggests, this podcast is about church history. The series has many nuggets of interesting and pivotal moments in the history of the church. So many little moments and precarious situations shaped the church as we know it.

Tony Evans Sermons on

Tony Evans is one of the best preachers around. He is also the first and only black person to create their own concordance. He is a great teacher of the Word that I’ve basically been listening to my whole life. He is able to make the most complex theological and Biblical teachings easier to understand but also relevant to your daily life. His sermons and teachings are highly recommended.

The Holy Post

The Holy Post is led by Phil Vischer, who is the creator of Veggie Tales. This is less of a teaching or sermon podcast and more on current events in the church or the world, but from a christian perspective. There is also an interview with someone in the Christian community each episode as well. I really enjoy this podcast for it’s fun and information.

I hope these podcasts are as much a blessing to you as they have been for me. If you have any podcasts you recommend, please leave them in the comments or on instagram and twitter at @_simplevictory.

Thanks for reading, and Lord willing, I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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