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Asaph’s Arrows – Kings Kaleidoscope

Asaph’s Arrows is the first Kings Kaleidoscope album I heard, and it changed my expectations on Christian music.

Asaph’s Arrows is an EP, so it’s not a long album. It’s only 4 tracks long, but those 4 tracks are revolutionary, as far as I’m concerned. I’d never heard Christian music like this. It was like big band jazz, ska, pop rock and indie rock had a baby. The reimagining of classic hymns was so creative and the sound so good; it immediately stuck with me. They took these hymns and made them works of art. I was truly impressed. THESE were the skilled workmen I’d been looking for.

All Creatures

This is just a fun reimagining of this classic hymn. The arrangement is kind of a classic ska arrangement with a languid electric guitar and great horns section. You know the lyrics, but they just come to life in a whole new way.

Come Thou Fount

This hymn is one I think of as very formal. The track starts with an homage to the formality, but slowly builds layers of instrumentation on top of that formality. When the track is in full voice it takes a deep pleading song into something still somber but also joyous.

The lyrics of this hymn are just beautiful. The author says that he knows who he is and he knows that he will leave the God he loves. He also pleads for the Lord to seal his heart to Him. This is us all. When we don’t die to ourselves daily, and/or die to our flesh daily, we ALL are prone to wonder and to leave the love and the teachings of our Lord. Teach us Lord Your Word that our minds would be fixed upon it and fixed upon Your unchanging love.

In Christ Alone

This track is a much more of a straight forward pop rock song with some great horns. I’ve never thought of this hymn as a driving upbeat song, but it is now!

Jesus Paid It All

A great track with a slow piano that drives the arrangement early. As things progress, violins are added, but the arrangement actually stays relatively sparse. I like this decision as it really lets the Gospel message stand out. The bridge particularly stands out as beautiful musically and lyrically. A beautiful simple song. Christ alone… our simple victory is in Him.

Kings Kaleidoscope is one of my favorite bands, period. I’ve highlighted their music before on this site and talked of how it has impacted my life. I can’t recommend their music enough.

One housekeeping note; this album might be under the artist Kings (MHM) in your streaming service or you’ll have to search for the album directly and not through the artist. Since Kings recorded with different labels, it’s sometimes inputted differently into the services.

Check out this album. Let the artistry and lyrics bring you into a unique praise moment.

Hope you enjoy the album, and Lord willing, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. Kay Moore Kay Moore

    Great music. Thanks for introducing me.

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