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All Is Futile

I’ve started reading the book of Ecclesiastes, and the overwhelming message is that without the LORD, all is futile.

I used a Read the Whole Bible in a year plan a few years ago. I call it a bootcamp in the Word. There are many passages I read for the first time during that year. It was an incredible time of growth in the Lord. There was SOOO much I did not know, even as someone who professed Jesus. That said, there are so many passages and books that I honestly barely remember. Ecclesiastes is one of those books.

I’ve been doing “seminary by podcast” through the Ligonier Ministries podcast Renew Your Mind with RC Sproul. Through that series I’ve learned that Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon are really a package. After finishing Proverbs, I was very interested to read Ecclesiastes next.

Ecclesiastes is like no other book I’ve read in the Bible. It literally starts with a negative and consistantly reinforces that negative: All is futility under the sun.

Solomon goes into the different reason’s why life is meaningless. Wisdom, money, success, pleasure, materials… all is lost because all die. His assertion is that no matter how great or terrible your life is, nothing eternal is gained by it, in and of itself. This is all true, without the Lord.

Philosophy in the Bible is not what I’d expect, but fascinating. It’s almost an apologetics, intellectual discussion in the middle of the Bible. After thinking about his arguments, I can’t help but agree. Gaining any of the worldly things only makes you want more of that thing. More of it does not bring contentment, peace, or lasting satisfaction. Also, Solomon declares, everything you gain in this world is lost and left for another. Gaining all these things are futile, without the LORD.

I am not finished with the book but I can’t wait to continue reading Solomon’s arguments.

And people say the Bible is boring…

Lord willing, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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