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Simple Victory is about living victorious in Jesus, through art and culture.  From music and visual arts, to acting and dance, artists are doing great works for the Lord.  However, compared to secular artists, their talents go unrecognized amongst the masses. Those who are seeking art for the Lord often have to look through a number of disconnected websites to find it.

Simple Victory is a media one-stop shop, here to highlight, curate and produce content about followers of Jesus doing great works in the arts.  Our purpose is not only to support the artists in their journey; but to shine a light on their works to help all of us live out our faith.  Consuming content that glorifies the Lord helps us stay connected to Him.  Simple Victory’s ultimate mission is for artists and readers, to support each other and grow together in Him.

This is the heart of the site and the angle for our content.  Keep an eye on this space.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your journey, and you ours.

 God bless, 

Simple Victory