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3-Minute Sermons

The average song is 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and every song is a sermon.  From the Beatles to Beyonce, every song is preaching to you.  Some songs will preach fun, faith, fighting, or fornication, but they all preach something.  These sermons shape who we are and what we think.  

I’ll start with a question.  Do you consistently choose to allow people you disagree with, who speak negatively about things you believe, or don’t have your best in mind to have your attention to speak to your heart and mind?  If you are like most, the answer is an emphatic NO.  If that’s the case, why would you treat your music any differently?  Just like people, the music we choose is speaking its messages into our hearts and minds.  

The thing about music that makes it different is that most don’t realize we are being preached to and that ultimately if we persist in that music, we agree with that preaching.  When Jay-Z is talking about money and partying we don’t even realize we agree with him and that his sermon keeps us engaged in his doctrine.  When Taylor Swift talks about whatever Taylor Swift talks about, by our listening, we are agreeing with her and staying engaged in her doctrine.

So the question is, what sermon do you want to hear, and do you agree with the message?  Be honest with yourself.  What sermon do you want to listen to?  

As scriptures say, you can’t serve two masters, because you will love one and hate the other.  You can’t serve two musical master’s.  

If you are seeking the Lord, yet continuously and consistently listening to the world’s 3-minute sermons, you’ll either begin to turn back to the things you were turning from, or have to stop listening to the sermons.  You can’t serve two masters.

As someone who tried to serve two masters, I know the pitfalls.  When you try to serve two masters, at best you will be restless in both, and at worst you will begin falling away from the relationship and faith you are seeking.  

We all love music, but the question is, which sermons will you choose to listen to, and which master will you serve?


  1. Kay Moore Kay Moore

    Very excited about being able to access this site and the information that will be provided. God bless

  2. Dan Dan

    Really awesome Bryant!

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